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Abbotsford FAQ's

It’s true.  There are 2 doors that lead to separate ‘clinics’.

We expanded our business into the space next to us…but unfortunately there isn’t any way of joining them together…

Practitioners on the left side (Pauline Street ONE):

Practitioners on the right side (Pauline Street TWO):

Pauline Street has 2 hr street-level parking on both sides.  Many of the vehicles that park here belong to people who frequent the other service businesses on the street (Private Barbershop, Madison Ave Hair, Remedy Tattoo, etc), so vehicles are often coming and going and spots open up relatively quickly.

There are 2 visitor parking stalls in the underground parking in our building (entrance near George Ferguson Way).

There are Impark lots at 2621 Railway and another at 2625 Gladys.

There is also an Impark lot across the street at Abbotsford Centre.  Public parking in this lot is a maximum 45 minutes.

Alternatively, here is a City of Abbotsford Downtown Parking Map

Which Location?

Not a small thumbnail.  Something directly from your phone would work great!.