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Booking Process

Relieve Pain, Discomfort,
Tension, & Stress.

Are you an existing client?  

Your Pre-Book Checklist

What to have ready

Personal Info

We ask some questions, such as “what’s your name and health care number?” and “what do you do for work?” This helps us frame a picture of the lifestyle you lead, since life affects your body.

What You Want Treated

Whether it’s pain in your back, a specific condition, or just general maintenance, it’s good for us to know in advance.

Credit Card Info

This secures your booking. Once you’ve inputted the numbers, we don’t see anything other than the confirmation that you booked.

Insurance & Benefits

Be ready to discuss with your practitioner whether direct billing is possible, or if it will be necessary for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

The Online Booking Process

How it Works

Step 1: Find A Time

Pick what you need done, the practitioner you wish to book with, and the time that’s best for you (in the available slots, of course!).

Step 2: Create An Account or Sign-In

If you’ve used Jane App (our online booking platform) before, you just need to sign in. If you haven’t, it’s incredibly easy to create an account. Just follow the prompts as you go through the booking process.

Step 3: Fill Out Credit Card Info

We won’t charge your card unless you’ve given us permission to or you’re a no-show (read about our policies). We just need it on file to secure your booking!

Step 4: Fill Out Intake Form

We won’t charge your card unless you’ve given us permission to or you’re a no-show (read about our policies). We just need it on file to secure your booking!

This form covers certain topics such as:

  • What’s your pain level?
  • Where is your pain?
  • Do you know why you’re in pain?

And so on.

Step 5: Check Your Email

Once you book, we send out a couple emails. 

It’s Time For Your First Visit: Here’s What Happens

Your First Vist

If you booked online and already filled out the necessary form, excellent. We just ask that you fill in your intake and Covid forms prior to your visit.

If you didn’t book online, or didn’t realize there was an intake forms when you booked, you will need to fill out the online form while in the office. It will require all of the information discussed above.

Your initial visit will be a bit more complicated in the sense that we fully assess you. We want to ensure we dig into the root cause of your pain, while also reducing any chance of future issues.

Direct Billing

Each practitioner supports direct billing a little differently. Please check with your individual practitioner.

Here are some common insurers that can be direct billed:

What About ICBC Claims & MSP?

Were You In A Car Accident?
How ICBC Reimbursements Work

Car accidents are one of the top reasons why people suffer from body pain.

Healing Oak’s team is well-versed in assessing you for particular injuries sustained from vehicular accidents.

Here’s how ICBC handles the financial side of claims:

What About My Medical Services Plan (MSP)?

BC residents who are eligible for MSP can receive a reimbursement of $23 the first 10 times they visit the following:

MSP coverage renews every calendar year, Unfortunately, It doesn’t stack.

Learn more about MSP on the BC government site

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